Tree removal may be quite expensive regardless of your location. But the actual price you’ll pay is expected to be different each time. It pays to know how much you’ll have to shell out for a project like this. But whom should you call to get that detail? Are these estimates free? The simple answer will be to call up an expert in tree removal Chicago to know exactly what to expect.  

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? 

Almost all tree removal service providers will ask you several questions regarding the tree, its condition, and all other important things before giving you an estimate. Most of them would even want to see the tree and your yard before giving a quote, which is the better way of doing things.   

The price of tree removal can vary greatly. They are going to be more expensive in places where there are buildings, landscapes, and other structures too close together. The price will depend mainly on the size of the tree and how difficult it is to reach. The price will also go up if there’s a need for special heavy machinery and a certified arborist to do the job. 

Typically, the average cost of removing trees is between $150 and $500.  Of course, bigger trees will cost more. If it is around 75 feet, then expect to pay some $1,000 to have it removed. If the tree is way higher than that, then you’ll pay around $1,500 or more. The cost of removing a tree doubles the moment other services are requested, such as stump removal and limb chopping. Don’t forget to include equipment rental and travel expenses as well. 

Why Hire Professionals? 

Tree removal also becomes more difficult because of the other plants and structures around it. The traditional way to remove a tree is to cut it down and cop all its branches for timber. Then the stump will have to be chipped away. 

If your tree is exceptionally big, hire trained professionals who can handle large risky trees. Working with a highly rated tree removal company that uses a crane for the job gives you better peace of mind. A complicated job becomes easier if the right equipment is used. 

Hire Reputable Tree Removal Experts  

Don’t forget to consult with a certified arborist before getting a tree removed.  Not all tree removal companies have one, so be sure to ask. Arborists are there to make sure that the removal is done right. Otherwise, you might have to cover for the costly mistake of the people you hired to get the job done. It is important to understand every step of the process, so you know what to expect.  

The company that you hired should be there to explain all those things to you. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions that you have before hiring a tree removal company or starting the project for that matter. You must be fully informed of the risks, if there are any, so you can make the right decision beforehand.